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Hockey Notes - The Real First All-Star Game

In a discussion regarding the origins of today's annual All-Star Game, some hockey historians point to the 1934 Ace Bailey benefit game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and stars from the rest of the NHL. Others trace the All-Star tradition back to the first "official" match in 1947, when the NHL's stars duked it out with the Stanley Cup champion Toronto Maple Leafs. But the first hockey game ever to follow an All-Star format pre-dates the NHL. On January 2, 1908, a benefit game was held in honor of the Montreal Wanderers' former star cover-point Hodgson "Hod" Stuart.

Stuart was one of the finer athletes ever to come out of Canada. He starred in hockey, lacrosse, football and track and field. In hockey, he was a superlative defenseman. He skated, set up seemingly impossible plays, rushed, and was as hard as cold steel. Sadly, he drowned near Belleville, Ontario in the summer of 1907, only months after leading the Montreal Wanderers to the Stanley Cup title. Before the beginning of the 1908 Eastern Canada Amateur Hockey Association season, Ed Sheppard and William Northey from the Westmount Arena came up with the idea of holding a benefit, with the proceeds going to Stuart's widow. The game would be played at the Arena, the former home of the Wanderers, and Montreal would play against stars selected from the rest of the league.

The lineups:


Riley Hern - Goal
Art Ross - Point
Walter Smaill - Cover-point
Pud Glass - Rover
Ernie Johnson - Left Wing
Ernie Russell - Center
Cecil Blachford - Right Wing


Percy LeSueur - Goal
Rod Kennedy - Point
Frank Patrick - Cover-point
Grover Sargent - Rover
Jack Marshall - Left Wing
Joe Power - Center
Eddie Hogan - Right Wing

Smaill was filling in at cover-point for the Wanderers' Bruce Stuart, who was banged up from a game out west. On the league side, Patrick stood in for Jack Laviolette. Patrick, the former McGill University team captain, was given a Montreal Victorias uniform to wear.

By game time, there were about 4,000 fans rocking the Westmount Arena rafters. Proceeds from the game were expected to hit the $2,000 mark.

The first half belonged to the Wanderers. The stars looked out of sync, wholly unfamiliar with each other. Forwards got into tangles and many rushes which should have resulted in scoring chances were broken up. On the other hand, Montreal's forward line was firing on all cylinders. Their skating was strong and their attacks were ever so clever. Patrick opened the scoring five minutes in on a dazzling rush from deep in his own end. This goal seemed to set the tone and the Wanderers took a whopping 7-1 lead into the intermission. The only penalties handed out in the first half were to Patrick and Glass for their part in a bumping bee behind the Montreal goal. They'd be the only infractions in the entire game.

When the All-Stars lined up to start the second half, Grover Sargent switched places with Jack Marshall on the front line, a move that seemed to work wonders. The league luminaries played hard, aggressive hockey, scrapping back as if they had a gun to their heads. Kennedy cashed in the first goal of the second half -- the first of five in a row for the All-Stars -- and the Wanderers fell back on their heels. Marshall's tally at the 26-minute mark made the score 7-6 and brought the crowd to its feet. At this point the Wanderers resolved to tighten the bolts and, in a four-minute span, Blachford bagged his second and third goals of the night. The W's came out on top by a gaudy 10-7 count.

Referees Bob Meldrum and Tom Melville had an easy time handling this match. Offsides were infrequent and both teams played squeaky-clean hockey. Apart from the Glass-Patrick shoving match, there was no monkey business.

The Hod Stuart benefit raked in just over $2,100 for Stuart's widow. Warm wishes were extended to the players and to the Westmount Arena staff, who lent the rink for free, and to Ed Sheppard and William Northey for their "diligence in organizing and carrying out all of the details associated with the match."

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Where is our national game


In today's world the way cricket is being preached by people of all age groups has the made hockey "a so called national game"…. What is the reason behind this? Does anyone of us analyze what's the problem and where is the problem…? Let's see in this article why cricket is famous than hockey and what can be done to make hockey a real national game from ….. I would also like to mention that this article to just share my views and not to oppose or blame anyone regarding today's situation….


We have lot of points to discuss as why is cricket famous….. Today a 3 year old boy/girl cannot be without knowing our great Indian master blaster Sachin tendulkar…. I can bet that even a 50 year old man/woman will not know the player's who represent INDIA in hockey( not all….. people who know please apologize)… In depth if we analyze the root cause for this as all know it's a bat-ball game and according to me cricket is a "layman game" i.e. it's very easy to understand…..   Consider a layman, who doesn't have any basic knowledge about sports (not about cricket in particular), it just takes half n hour to explain the rules and regulations of cricket…. It doesn't have any technical terms… as all of us know the commonly used words are four, six, leg before wicket (slightly technical!!!!) and bowled. That's it... this is cricket!!!! But hockey is not an easy game to play it needs some basic knowledge and a lot of practice. Let me list out some basic terms of hockey 16 yard hit, advancing bully, centre pass, clearing, marking,etc….. Seems to be tough from the words being used……

Even though the terms in hockey seem to be difficult this is not the only hurdle. The next big reason for cricket to be famous is the "Media and Entertainment". From my point of view there are lots of sponsorships who initiate for cricket rather than hockey. Apart from playing we also see our cricket players in many advertisements, stage shows etc….. But have anyone seen a hockey player acting in an advertisement …. To be more precise have anyone seen a single player's face who play hockey for India The answer from most of our people would be "NO". I would also like to quote an example here there was a programme which was recently held "A TRIBUTE TO SACHIN TENDULKAR" where not only cricket players but many actors and actresses where also a part of it…. But have anyone seen or are there any media channels who have initiated themselves for paying tribute to any of our national game players? Even hockey players do achieve and they also play for our nation INDIA? I would like to share an incident which happened a few months before……

It was CRICKET WORLD CUP FEVER 2011 everywhere!!!!!! At that point of time I was so bored in house that I decided to go out somewhere… So as usual I called up my friends and we decided to go for a mall (window-shopping!!!!)… We all started by 4pm in the evening and when we reached there at the entrance there was a very big white screen…  I was really shocked to see that and near by the screen I saw a small and cute elephant statue dressed up like a cricket player and carrying bat with both the hands… The most outstanding idea was that the bat was not an ordinary one!!!! The bat had a red color LED display with countdown running in it. The countdown displayed the number of months, hours and seconds running!!!! I was really amazed by the efforts taken and of course the cost involved behind it. The big white screen erected was to give a live telecast through a projector of all the matches to be played in WORLD CUP'11.

When the media is ready to bare all the costs involved for this game why not our national game? This is a million dollar question which is yet to be answered!!!!! Like wise each one of us must have come across many incidents like this but has anyone thought as where is our national game?

Apart from all this the recent innovation in cricket which has made the whole world to turn is INDIAN PREMIERE LEAGUE which was started four years ago… It's a new system of auctioning the players and some millionaires who have no idea of where to spend their money come up to buy the player's… The time they buy the player's the next step is to organize them as a Team and give a new name for it…. The time the millionaire buy's he/she becomes the King / Queen and the players they buy will be their slaves for the next one month…. MONEY MONEY MONEY EVERYWHERE!!!!!


After reading the all the reason's for cricket to be famous its high time that something has to be done to rescue our National Game which if failed may disappear or lose its significance in future. There has to be some change made in the way Hockey being spread among public. As the whole world relies on Media and Entertainment to know about the day to day happenings it's their duty to make our national game reach the whole world. Not only the media, being citizens of India even we can take some kind of survey about this and voice out our ideas through media channels. These are certain steps through which we can make our Indian hockey players to feel encouraged and committed. Being a National Game if India wins even a single match it has to be celebrated. Like IPL in cricket there can be some kind of IHL (Indian Hockey League) organized and planned accordingly.


Cricket or Hockey without any kind of dedication and proper practice nothing can be achieved. I have compared cricket with our national game but compared to all the games Cricket has become the most FAMOUS AND DOMINANT game. Any kind of sport when a player plays for the Home country he/she should be proud of it and should have that spirit and sportsmanship within them. They all should work together as a team for making our country proud and not for the sake of making money. So I conclude that being a citizen of India lets make this "So called National Game – HOCKEY" to a real "NATIONAL GAME" Jai Hind……


Author Robert C. Medina posted on 11:50

Composite Mini Hockey Sticks

If you're aiming to be in the NHL and play like your favorite hockey player someday, then you could start polishing you and your child's skills with composite mini hockey sticks. Along with a mini hockey set, these sticks would also be the perfect reward or a gift for the holidays for your son or nephew who has the passion for hockey.

Composite mini hockey sticks are usually made of one-piece compound materials that are suitable for both ice and floor hockey. Being made up of more than one material, these sticks are very hard-wearing and are suitable for any ball besides the usual pucks. It is usually about 20-25 inches long, designed for comfort for your little hockey star. While using this kind of ministick, they provide a one-of-a-kind feeling for anyone who uses it.

Being made of dye, these plastic coated sticks don't leave any trace of scratch on the floor. You could practice swinging the stick without worrying about tainted paints or scuffs. These sticks are available in both left and right hands, and you could choose a design from your favorite NHL teams. You could eventually make them a part of your collections of the best designs, which add to the fun and enjoyment of your kids playing hockey.

You won't waste any time honing your talents on ice or the field yourself or playing pick-up games with your child with these composite mini hockey sticks. Their durability is absolutely off the charts and you'll get your money's worth if you just select the best design and type of hockey sticks that is best suited for your child.

The first step is to work on the technique of passing and receiving, in a semi static situation, leading to doing it, on the run. While passing and receiving on the run, it is strongly recommended that the players are guided to position themselves, in such a way that they correlate and simulate the given position on the field. 

This makes it important to know more about the best brands which also offers marked-down prices. Different factors such as size and position are essential; however, the essence of buying one for your son is to have fun and enjoy playing hockey during his free time.

Author Robert C. Medina posted on 11:49

CCM Hockey Skates

The Canadian based company, CCM, the Canada Cycle and Motor Company, are a leading company in the manufacture of ice hockey skates and ice hockey equipment, but also specialize in inline skates and equipment for roller hockey. The roller hookies of CCM cover a variety of different game level requirements as well as other specifications. CCM are one of the leading companies of roller hockey skates competing against brands like Mission, Bauer and Tour.

The CCM Vector RH 02 model is designed with the beginner in mind; with a low profile diamond quarter package which assures improved boot stiffness and angle of the boot. The chassis for the RH 02 model is a Tri-Di 2 piece chassis equipped with Rink Rat VT 333 84A wheels for outdoor play and ABEC 3 bearings.

The CCM Vector RH 04 model is similar in design to the RH 02 model, but is fitted with Rink Rat VT 733 74A wheels and ABEC 5 bearings; for the amateur player who engages in roller hockey for recreation or is just beginning, these two models are optimal to start with from the CCM Vector range. For an intermediate level of play, the CCM Vector RH 06 model is the ideal design; with a fine diamond embossed quarter package and comes with CCM's pro-comfort V-fitTM boot design equipped with a snug fit around the heel which helps to avoid pressure points; a shortened toe cap for optimized forefoot wrap and comfort, and a scalloped tendon guard which maximizes stride extension, with support wings this boot provides bio-feedback for stopping and turning.

The air-exchange system means drier feet and better ventilation assuring a tighter fit. The RH 06 comes fitted with CCM's Vector Tri-Di frame made from aluminum and uses 72mm-76mm-76mm-80mm configuration with Rink Rat Hot Shot XXX wheels, which are great for indoor play and fitted with ABEC 7 bearings. For advanced and professional level of play, the CCM Vector RH 08 and RH 10 models come at the top of the range.

The RH 08 model comes with extra reinforcement with a pro metal mesh quarter package and a pro level ankle stiffness support; the chassis design incorporates Rink Rat Hornet 76A wheels, with excellent and fast play on indoor surfaces. The RH 10 model comes with an ultimate dry quick drying liner for an excellent fit throughout the game, and its lightweight carbon composite outsole means that this boot can be both lightweight and strong at the same time.

Choose the skate that fits you the best and you can't go wrong.  Don't be afraid to spend a bit more money to get the best skate for you.  And most of all enjoy the game!

Author Robert C. Medina posted on 11:49

Why Every Nhl Fan Should Have an Nhl Jersey

Sport jerseys are one item of clothing that are never out of fashion. It is because of this fundamental reason that NHL jerseys are always available and making huge sales, no matter what the season. In case you are a hockey fan, but do not own even a single NHL jersey, then it is high time that you went out and bought yourself one. Do not worry about being a fashion criminal either, for a sport jersey makes the ultimate fashion statement—that of loyalty and sporting spirit—no matter where in the world you are.

You can lay hands on the NHL jersey of your favorite hockey team at your local sporting goods, hockey or sporting memorabilia and collectibles store. NHL jerseys that you buy from good stores do not come cheap, especially if they also carry the brand logo of a multinational sports brand like Nike or Adidas. But do not worry, for there are not one, but two other options open to you in case you do not want to shell out a fortune on your NHL jersey.

The first option is that you get your jersey custom made and stitched by a professional jersey maker. Apart from being cheaper than a branded jersey in most cases, a custom made jersey increases the design options of your sporting attire by a number of times. You can easily decide on the detailing, design and quality of your NHL jersey and the design options are almost infinite provided your head is full of ideas. You should be able to locate an NHL jersey maker in your locality or town and get started with designing your own collection of NHL jerseys.

If you are one of those people who do not have the patience for a custom made jersey or want to buy an item off the shelf for any other reason, then the best place to buy your NHL jerseys is online. There are a large number of online stores that carry loads and loads of different NHL jerseys. The best part is that most online stores will charge you much lesser for your jersey than a brick and mortar store. On the other hand, the variety found online far surpasses what any regular store would be able to provide you. In case you are unable to find a professional jersey maker in your town, but are desperate to get your New York Rangers jersey printed with your name or a number of your choice, then you can also find a number of good sporting apparel web sites that make customized jerseys.

Being dressed up in an NHL hockey jersey is the best way of turning up for a hockey match. Your jersey lets everyone know all about your inclination and support for your favorite team .At the same time, you manage to give your favorite hockey team a boost in the arm when required by wearing their colors and letting them know that you support them no matter what. Another advantage of wearing your NHL jersey to a match is that you stand out as a beacon for other supporters of your team, who will come and congregate near you. In no time at all, you will find that your own cheerleading group in action.

Author Robert C. Medina posted on 11:49

Greatest Toronto Maple Leaf Players Ever (post Expansion)

Here is a list of ten of the best NHL hockey players to lace up for the Leafs club since 1967:

Darryl Sittler
TML: 1970-1981
Hall of Famer Darryl Sittler captained the Toronto Maple Leafs from 1975 to 1981, and remains the second all-time points leader for the hockey team with 916. In 1976, against Boston, he set the NHL record for most points in one game with two hat tricks and four assists for ten points.

Borje Salming
TML: 1973-1989
Considered by many to be a pioneer in the NHL, being one of the first European born hockey players to succeed in the league and paving the way for the international stars we see in todays game. He was also regarded as one of the best defencemen in his time.

Mats Sundin
TML: 1994-Present
In 1989, Mats was the first European born player to be drafted #1 in the NHL. He is the current captain for the team, and has been for almost a decade. Sundin, at 6' 5" and 230 lbs, is notoriously difficult to play against, and has been one of the best players in the NHL for years.

Wendel Clark
TML: 1985-1994, 1996-1998, 1999-2000
The much loved captain of the Maple Leafs from 1991 to 1994 was the example of pure heart when he stepped on the ice. Not the biggest or the best skater, he was a great scorer, bodychecker, and fighter. Clark's play represented the passion TML fans have for the team.

Dave Keon
TML: 1960-1975
The Conn Smythe Trophy winner from the last time the Leafs won the Stanley Cup, Keon would eventually become captain of the team from 1969 to 1975. An extremely fast skater, he is third behind Sittler and Sundin on the all-time scoring list for the hockey team.

Doug Gilmour
TML: 1992-1997, 2002-2003
"Killer" led the Maple Leafs resurgence in the mid 90's, captaining the team from 1994 to 1997, and leading TML to the Conference Finals two years in a row from 1992 to 1994. He was a gritty player, prolific scorer, and currently holds the team record for points in a season (127).

Lanny MacDonald
TML: 1973-1979
One of the most recognizable players, with his huge red moustache, Lanny was a character Hall of Famer all the way. MacDonald played seven years for the Leafs, and among his memorable moments included the overtime winner in 1978 that knocked out the Islanders.

Felix Potvin
TML: 1992-1999
A finalist for the Calder trophy in 1992/1993, Felix "The Cat" lead the NHL with a 2.50 goals against average in his rookie season, and helped backstop the Maple Leafs to two Conference Final appearances. He would remain one of the best goalies in the NHL in the nineties.

Curtis Joseph
TML: 1998-2002
"Cujo" took over the role as the #1 goalie in Toronto after Felix Potvin's (above) departure, and like Felix, lead the team to two Conference Final appearances in 1998/1999 and 2001/2002. He won the King Clancy Memorial Trophy in 2000, and was second for the Vezina Trophy twice.

Tie Domi
TML: 1989-1990, 1995-2006
Tie Domi is the all-time Penalty Minutes Leader for the hockey team, and was considered one of if not the best enforcer for the duration of his time in the NHL. He played a critical role in defending his TML teammates, and later developed into a solid fourth line points contributor.

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3 Ways to Score More Goals in Hockey

Many hockey players struggle with figuring out how they are going to score goals in a hockey game. There are three things a player can do right now that will help him score more goals in hockey.

  1. Stand in front of the net
  2. Learn how to shoot high
  3. Go where the goalie isn't

Importance of Standing in Front of the Net

When you are standing in front of the net you can easily get yourself open to a pass from one of your teammates. You are also in the perfect position to get a rebound from the goalie, or if you have to to run back to the other end of the ice because the other team got the puck.

Learning how to Shoot High

Younger goalies will usually focus the most on the bottom part of the net. They will go down on their knees so that they can easily block shots on the lower part of the net. The problem is that when they go on their knees they are leaving the entire top portion of the net wide open for a shot. If you know how to shoot high then it will be very easy for you to shoot the puck over the goalie and score a goal.

Go to where the Goalie isn't

This does not mean that you shoot where the goalie is not covering. That is obvious. What many kids do not do is set themselves up for a one-timer. If the puck is on one side of the ice then you should be standing on the other side of the net. Always be ready for the pass that you can smack into the net for an easy goal.

Make sure you remember that even though you want to score goals you still have to be a good teammate. If you see somebody doing one of these three things then you should pass to them and give them a chance to score.


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