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Author Robert C. Medina posted on 01:16

Where is our national game


In today's world the way cricket is being preached by people of all age groups has the made hockey "a so called national game"…. What is the reason behind this? Does anyone of us analyze what's the problem and where is the problem…? Let's see in this article why cricket is famous than hockey and what can be done to make hockey a real national game from ….. I would also like to mention that this article to just share my views and not to oppose or blame anyone regarding today's situation….


We have lot of points to discuss as why is cricket famous….. Today a 3 year old boy/girl cannot be without knowing our great Indian master blaster Sachin tendulkar…. I can bet that even a 50 year old man/woman will not know the player's who represent INDIA in hockey( not all….. people who know please apologize)… In depth if we analyze the root cause for this as all know it's a bat-ball game and according to me cricket is a "layman game" i.e. it's very easy to understand…..   Consider a layman, who doesn't have any basic knowledge about sports (not about cricket in particular), it just takes half n hour to explain the rules and regulations of cricket…. It doesn't have any technical terms… as all of us know the commonly used words are four, six, leg before wicket (slightly technical!!!!) and bowled. That's it... this is cricket!!!! But hockey is not an easy game to play it needs some basic knowledge and a lot of practice. Let me list out some basic terms of hockey 16 yard hit, advancing bully, centre pass, clearing, marking,etc….. Seems to be tough from the words being used……

Even though the terms in hockey seem to be difficult this is not the only hurdle. The next big reason for cricket to be famous is the "Media and Entertainment". From my point of view there are lots of sponsorships who initiate for cricket rather than hockey. Apart from playing we also see our cricket players in many advertisements, stage shows etc….. But have anyone seen a hockey player acting in an advertisement …. To be more precise have anyone seen a single player's face who play hockey for India The answer from most of our people would be "NO". I would also like to quote an example here there was a programme which was recently held "A TRIBUTE TO SACHIN TENDULKAR" where not only cricket players but many actors and actresses where also a part of it…. But have anyone seen or are there any media channels who have initiated themselves for paying tribute to any of our national game players? Even hockey players do achieve and they also play for our nation INDIA? I would like to share an incident which happened a few months before……

It was CRICKET WORLD CUP FEVER 2011 everywhere!!!!!! At that point of time I was so bored in house that I decided to go out somewhere… So as usual I called up my friends and we decided to go for a mall (window-shopping!!!!)… We all started by 4pm in the evening and when we reached there at the entrance there was a very big white screen…  I was really shocked to see that and near by the screen I saw a small and cute elephant statue dressed up like a cricket player and carrying bat with both the hands… The most outstanding idea was that the bat was not an ordinary one!!!! The bat had a red color LED display with countdown running in it. The countdown displayed the number of months, hours and seconds running!!!! I was really amazed by the efforts taken and of course the cost involved behind it. The big white screen erected was to give a live telecast through a projector of all the matches to be played in WORLD CUP'11.

When the media is ready to bare all the costs involved for this game why not our national game? This is a million dollar question which is yet to be answered!!!!! Like wise each one of us must have come across many incidents like this but has anyone thought as where is our national game?

Apart from all this the recent innovation in cricket which has made the whole world to turn is INDIAN PREMIERE LEAGUE which was started four years ago… It's a new system of auctioning the players and some millionaires who have no idea of where to spend their money come up to buy the player's… The time they buy the player's the next step is to organize them as a Team and give a new name for it…. The time the millionaire buy's he/she becomes the King / Queen and the players they buy will be their slaves for the next one month…. MONEY MONEY MONEY EVERYWHERE!!!!!


After reading the all the reason's for cricket to be famous its high time that something has to be done to rescue our National Game which if failed may disappear or lose its significance in future. There has to be some change made in the way Hockey being spread among public. As the whole world relies on Media and Entertainment to know about the day to day happenings it's their duty to make our national game reach the whole world. Not only the media, being citizens of India even we can take some kind of survey about this and voice out our ideas through media channels. These are certain steps through which we can make our Indian hockey players to feel encouraged and committed. Being a National Game if India wins even a single match it has to be celebrated. Like IPL in cricket there can be some kind of IHL (Indian Hockey League) organized and planned accordingly.


Cricket or Hockey without any kind of dedication and proper practice nothing can be achieved. I have compared cricket with our national game but compared to all the games Cricket has become the most FAMOUS AND DOMINANT game. Any kind of sport when a player plays for the Home country he/she should be proud of it and should have that spirit and sportsmanship within them. They all should work together as a team for making our country proud and not for the sake of making money. So I conclude that being a citizen of India lets make this "So called National Game – HOCKEY" to a real "NATIONAL GAME" Jai Hind……


Author Robert C. Medina posted on 01:16

CCM Hockey Skates

The Canadian based company, CCM, the Canada Cycle and Motor Company, are a leading company in the manufacture of ice hockey skates and ice hockey equipment, but also specialize in inline skates and equipment for roller hockey. The roller hookies of CCM cover a variety of different game level requirements as well as other specifications. CCM are one of the leading companies of roller hockey skates competing against brands like Mission, Bauer and Tour.

The CCM Vector RH 02 model is designed with the beginner in mind; with a low profile diamond quarter package which assures improved boot stiffness and angle of the boot. The chassis for the RH 02 model is a Tri-Di 2 piece chassis equipped with Rink Rat VT 333 84A wheels for outdoor play and ABEC 3 bearings.

The CCM Vector RH 04 model is similar in design to the RH 02 model, but is fitted with Rink Rat VT 733 74A wheels and ABEC 5 bearings; for the amateur player who engages in roller hockey for recreation or is just beginning, these two models are optimal to start with from the CCM Vector range. For an intermediate level of play, the CCM Vector RH 06 model is the ideal design; with a fine diamond embossed quarter package and comes with CCM's pro-comfort V-fitTM boot design equipped with a snug fit around the heel which helps to avoid pressure points; a shortened toe cap for optimized forefoot wrap and comfort, and a scalloped tendon guard which maximizes stride extension, with support wings this boot provides bio-feedback for stopping and turning.

The air-exchange system means drier feet and better ventilation assuring a tighter fit. The RH 06 comes fitted with CCM's Vector Tri-Di frame made from aluminum and uses 72mm-76mm-76mm-80mm configuration with Rink Rat Hot Shot XXX wheels, which are great for indoor play and fitted with ABEC 7 bearings. For advanced and professional level of play, the CCM Vector RH 08 and RH 10 models come at the top of the range.

The RH 08 model comes with extra reinforcement with a pro metal mesh quarter package and a pro level ankle stiffness support; the chassis design incorporates Rink Rat Hornet 76A wheels, with excellent and fast play on indoor surfaces. The RH 10 model comes with an ultimate dry quick drying liner for an excellent fit throughout the game, and its lightweight carbon composite outsole means that this boot can be both lightweight and strong at the same time.

Choose the skate that fits you the best and you can't go wrong.  Don't be afraid to spend a bit more money to get the best skate for you.  And most of all enjoy the game!

Author Robert C. Medina posted on 01:16

Importance of Hockey Training Program

People who have never watched or played hockey before, it is good for them to know that they are missing one of the greatest sports in the world. There are numerous benefits that come with playing hockey both recreationally and competitively. The good thing about hockey is that it is becoming popular daily and due to this popularity, there are so many hockey leagues that are being formed. With more hockey leagues, there are different levels of playing the game whether you are an advanced hockey player or a novice, there should be a league that is going to suit your skills.

A hockey training program is important because it helps hockey players to arrange themselves. It is never to late to start playing hockey or going for ice hockey training. The good thing about hockey is that it is a good exercise and if you play a few times in a week it will help you to keep in shape and your blood is going to get you pumping. No matter the position that you are going to play, you will discover that you are working different muscles. It is not only adults who will benefit from the exercise but it will also help children to have an active lifestyle and will also teach them to be a good team player.

When choosing a sports performance training program, it is vital that you look at the benefits that the program has. If choosing a program is a big problem, it is good that you talk to somebody who is experienced enough in this area. The strength and condition prescribed in the program needs to develop the player action. Hockey training program that cater for the demands of this game is going to have specific advantages. For example, hockey is played with varied high speed actions that contribute to winning.

Hockey players know that a strength programme that has been designed to accommodate the demands of the game is not only going to benefit performance but will help in reducing chances of suffering from an injury. Players who are very serious in playing competitive hockey and they like pushing their limits having a programme that is designed to meet their specific needs is not a sensible insurance policy but a competitive advantage. Hockey training and elite athlete training programs have been designed by training experts and are not good for everybody. Before engaging in any program, it is vital that you talk to your physician.

Author Robert C. Medina posted on 01:16

Hockey Skates With A Special Purpose Just For You

Did you know that not all hockey skates are created equal? Why do you think some skates cost a fortune and maybe the same looking skate costs half as much? The difference is in the type of materials that it is made out of. You also wouldn't go out and buy a pair of skates that national hockey league players wear,if you were just going out for a skate on a pond or a casual skate on a Sunday afternoon at the local rink. The hockey skates that professional hockey players wear, are made  to take the heavy work load that comes with the sport. The durability and safety features of each skate are the most important things that goes into the making of each one. We want to make sure that you will be well informed and know what you are getting when you purchase a new pair of hockey skates.

          The many years of experience and knowledge we have in the hockey world and all the research we have done gives us the opportunity to pass along as much information to you as possible. The hockey skates we are going to talk about are the type of skate we know that every type of hockey player would like to have. For today's game you would want to have  hockey skates that provide, excellent safety features, is very durable and has the most comfortable fit possible.

          The construction of each skate and the products used to make it, go a long way in the protection you will get while wearing the product. The hockey skates we have in our product line use a patented first-fit technology system. The wickaway nylon shell and the superior fibreglass adheasives help to mold the boot of the skate to your foot, giving it the custom fit you need. With the patent-pending design of the dura-lite ankle support system and the memory foam in the ankle area, creates an ankle lock for a firm but comfortable fit. There is a metal liner built into the whole tongue of every hockey skate for maximum protection in the lace section. The inside of the skate also comes with stay dry technology to help keep it as dry as possible for your foot. The complete construction of the hockey skates allows the boot to expand and contract with your foot while at the same time the outer shell remains completely solid, creating a custom fit every time you have them on.

          Attached to the skate boot is the custom tuuk blade and holder system. The blade is made of high quality solid stainless steel that will last a very long time. A lot of technology goes into the design of the curve of the blade to give you excellent balance. The whole blade and holder system can be replaced if needed.

          We hope you will now be able to make a well educated decision from all the information we have provided for you. We want to make sure when you are purchasing hockey skates. that you know what you are getting. All pro model skates we have in this product line come with a five star rating which is the top rating you can have. Please feel free at any time to contact us if you have any questions about this product.

Author Robert C. Medina posted on 01:16

Rapid Response Goalie Training Review

I lately had an chance to study by way of Maria Mountain's new Rapid Response Goalie Training program. I was arranging on performing a tele-interview with Maria for right now, but I've been sick for the final week and did not have a lot of a voice. Hopefully I can steal a while from her around the next couple of days and get some thing up on Monday.

Download Rapid Response Goalie Training From This SECRET Link

Hockey training for goalies can indicate lots of various things to various folks. Regrettably, most of the goalie training I see is total garbage. It around emphasizes unstable surface and flexibility training and entirely overlooks power and energy training.

Maria's program is really a breath of refreshing air. From a training viewpoint, Maria genuinely gets it?. She understands the requirements of the goaltending placement and is an expert in preparing gamers for these demands. She recognizes the want for power and energy training for goalies, and seamlessly integrates these things right into a complete growth program. The energy of Maria's program arrives from it is ease of use. She place together a 78-page manual outlining exactly why and the way (and the way not!) goalies ought to be training, and walks you step-by-step by way of her goalie training system. Rapid Response Goalie Training also arrives having a ready-to-use goalie training program, which includes movies of all the exercises that will be loaded onto iphones (for the technologically savvy) and types for you personally to document progress along the way. And since no training program is total with out diet suggestions, she even incorporated an easy-to-understand 26-page diet report like a bonus.

In brief, Maria's Rapid Response Goalie Training program is distinct, complete, and successful. It is the best answer for goalies that do not have accessibility to a ton of gear or even a power and conditioning coach. As an extra incentive for the goalies (also as goalie mother and father and coaches that train goalies), and simply because I understand you like totally free things, in situation you get Maria's program just before next Friday (December 3rd), I'll deliver you a obtain website link for my whole Ultimate Hockey Advancement Coaching Program for totally free. This consists of two excellent bonuses: Breakaway Hockey Velocity and Kim McCullough's Psychological Efficiency Package deal.

Download Rapid Response Goalie Training From This SECRET Link

Author Robert C. Medina posted on 01:16

Hockey Speed and Power by Kevin Miehm - "My Results"

For All Hockey Players And Advocates:

Are you looking to step up your game? Well as a 12 year player myself, I'm happy to let you know that there just might be a training system you haven't had the privilege to check out. I'm talking about a best selling training guide by former NHL champian Kevin Miehm.

It's called Hockey Speed and Power, and I just discovered it about a month ago.

I've been playing hockey since I was a kid. I grew up with it, and I know how important this game is to many people. I made a living playing the game, and despite my years of experience I've always felt I was missing something..

It's a tough game, and if your not ready to get out there and be the best, then I don't have to tell you the trouble your in. It amazing that after 12 years of playing, I found that there were certain skills I was still lacking in. I've always been a powerful skater, and and even better defender. You put me on the ice, and 9 times out of 10 you wont be getting past me.

Sadly, my skills as a defender didn't cross over to scoring goals..

To be honest, I suck at getting the puck into the net. I can remember years of grueling practice, late nights at the local rink working on my slap shots, yet still I just couldnt get up to par. Can you relate to this? It's not surprising if you can.. It's amazing the amount of players, both professional and not, that are struggling with certain skills in the game.

I've known about Kevin Miehm since I was young, but when I found out about his training system, I just had to take a shot with it. And boy was it the best choice I could have EVER made in my career..

I am happy to say that after only a MONTH of applying the techniques found in Hockey Speed and Power, I am playing better than I ever have before. I am stunned at the amount of skill and power I now have thanks to this Killer training guide.

For once in 12 years, I can be confident when going out against ANY goalie that crosses my path.

Kevin's ebook literally shows you step-by-step how to up your game, speed, and scoring skills within an amazing amount of time. I have increase my power and agility to a point where I'm unstoppable on the ice. This training guide has changed my life and career as a hockey player forever.

My advice, if your lacking in your own game, no matter what the issue, I HIGHLY recommend checking out this ebook and learn the tactics from a Pro NHL player. Whether your 8 years old or 28 years old, this training system will get you into the hall-o-fame in no time! I can't believe how much better my game is..

See For Yourself.. Visit The Hockey Speed and Power Homepage Here


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Author Robert C. Medina posted on 19:27

NHL Betting: Odds to Win the 2011 Stanley Cup

Fresh off their first championship since 1961, the Chicago Blackhawks opened at 5-1 as betting favorites in 2011 Stanley Cup odds. Chicago is not only deep but also young and it stands to figure that they will be a top contender for years to come. Chicago also has exceptional management and coaching and ownership is committed to winning. Alex Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals opened at 13-2 at online sportsbooks. Washington was the President's Trophy champions in 2010 as the best regular season team and will be a popular choice. Their playoff loss to Montreal in April was one of the true shockers in recent years.

Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins are another 13-2 choice in 2011 Stanley Cup odds. Pittsburgh made the Final in both 2008 and 2009, winning the latter. The Penguins must shore up their defense and goaltending, much like the Capitals. The top seed in the Western Conference the past 2 years was the next choice in NHL betting at bookmakers as San Jose opened at 9-1. The Sharks have disappointed in the playoffs the past 2 years but will be returning key performers and are a proven contender. Bet the Blackhawks 5-1 as betting favorites in odds to win the Stanley Cup with a 10% bonus and 110% poker bonus.

The Philadelphia Flyers opened at 15-1 after winning the Eastern Conference championship this year. Philadelphia was a surprise finalist and there are skeptics that think they were a "one hit wonder." Others, however, believe that the Flyers underachieved in the regular season and that their playoff run showed their true ability and character. The Boston Bruins are a 16-1 choice in odds to win the Stanley Cup and the big question is whether or not they will recover from blowing a 3-0 series lead to Philadelphia to become the first team to lose a series 4-3 after winning the first 3 games since 1975. Other notables are Bodog are Detroit at 12/1 and Vancouver at 15/1. Montreal is at 33/1 after a great playoff run this year. Bet the Capitals 13-2 as NHL betting favorites in 2011 Stanley Cup odds against with a 10% bonus.


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