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In 2001 he scored one final goal in the last minute to india win the muruguppa gold cup

Asian Cup Hero Ignace Tirkey

Ignace (Ignacious) Tirkey is an Indian Hockey player. His role is a midfielder and he was the captain of the Indian team in the 2006, Pakistan Test series as well as Commonwealth games. He played first time for the national side in 2001  Akber EL Yom Cup and Sultan Azlan Shah Cup. Ignace was a member of the Indian team for the Athens Olympics 2004. His very biggest achievement till now has been put a last minute goal in Asia Cup Gold in the year 2003 and he helped to India bagged the Gold Cup 2003 against Pakistan. He is the icon player from the Junior world cup team 2001 and he made couple century caps. In 2007, he had 184 caps and then he played 5 matches against a Belgium team. After he played a Chile Olympic game he had 195 caps.

He played for his native team Orissa Steelers. Again he was recalled for Argentina Test Series in 2009. He played in Punjab Gold Cup match and India won the Gold. In 2001, he scored one final goal in the last minute to India win the Muruguppa Gold Cup. He bagged one of the most precious and prestigious 'Padma Shree' in 2010 and 'Arjuna award' in 2009. Ignace Tirkey made wonderful achievement in Asia Cup 2003, Muruguppa Gold Cup 2001, Ekalavya Puraskar 2003. In HIL Ignace and other five players were picked up Punjab Warriors. He made another highlight achievement in National Games 2002 in Hyderabad. In 2007, Bangalore UNI gave the award to 104 sports persons for their incredible achievements.

Ignace Trickey adjudged 2 lakh cash award for his achievement. V R Ragunath received Rs. 5 lakh cash award for India retaining the Asian Cup. Prabodh Tirkey is also a part of Indian Hockey team and he is the younger brother of Ignace. Ignace Tirkey profile is more impressive for the people who are the players of the Junior team. In London Olympics 2012, Men's India Hockey team India lost his game against New Zealand with score points by 1-3. In the first half India took 1-3. In the second half, Sandeep missed the two goals and lost their points in the finals match and in the last minute Ragunath got penalty corner chance to play the match. After India played with Netherland scored 2-3 goal points. In the between New Zealand and Korea. New Zealand lost the series with 2-0 points in the first match. India bagged third time Men's Championship Trophy in 2010 after 1996 and 2005. The upcoming Hockey World Cup 2014 match held at Netherland. 

Asian Cup Hero Ignace Tirkey

You need to understand what makes a player feel good and what makes the player feel bad

Hockey Coach - Player Confidence

A coach has many obligations and faces many challenges during the season. The teaching of skill, implementing systems and other technical aspects of the game are all both obligations and challenges. It is the coach's responsibility to ensure that the technical function of coaching is implemented and is continually enhanced through the season. In addition, the coach is constantly faced with the challenge of getting the team and individual players to perform at their highest levels. In other words, it is not enough to teach skills and systems. The coach also has to create an environment that allows the team and its players to perform at maximum capacity.

Hockey Coach - Player Confidence

It is most important for coaches to build and nurture the confidence of their players. A lack of confidence is a serious problem for a player and will directly effect playing performance. Each player needs to feel good about what they can do, feel comfortable about their role on the team and know that they can make mistakes as part of the learning process. The challenge we face as coaches is to create an environment that will nurture player confidence while maintaining competitiveness and discipline within the team concept. It is a difficult task, but one that is key for positive team dynamics.

  • It is very important for coaches to deal with each player on an individual basis. You need to understand what makes a player feel good and what makes the player feel bad. This can only be accomplished with communication. Each player is different in their psychological makeup. Some players take criticism better than others, some have basic self confidence issues and some are over confident. Your players are also different in their motivation. Some players are satisfied being role players, while others are highly motivated and strive to reach higher levels. Getting to know your players will help you understand what makes them tick and to deal with them individually. A collection of individuals is what makes a team.

  • There will always be different roles based on player's skill level, but each player must be given the opportunity to achieve a realistic role on the team. If not, the player will be deprived the opportunity to develop confidence and to find out their actual capacity. As a coach, you can't put a player in a situation that the player cannot be successful in as that will negatively effect player confidence, but the player's role has to be established based on performance. Give each player the chance to do as much as they are capable of doing.

  • Make sure that each player has a good understanding of their role and the importance of that role to the success of the team.

Often, your best players will have high self confidence levels and they won't need a lot of nurturing. However, on every team there are players who you will never know how good they can be unless you work on building their confidence. Always be aware of situations and ways to give them good feelings about themselves. The confidence building process must go on all season.

The task of developing confidence is definitely a big one, but the rewards for both the individuals and the team are great. A team full of self confident players will play to their potential and will maximize their development over the course of the season.

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it's an exciting time of year said rookie goaltender

Watch Pittsburgh Penguins vs Toronto Maple Leafs Live Online Stream Free NHL - February 26, 2011

Match: Pittsburgh Penguins vs Toronto Maple Leafs 
Date : February 26, 2011
Time : 7:00 PM ET


Watch Pittsburgh Penguins vs Toronto Maple Leafs Live Online Stream Free NHL - February 26, 2011

Long an afterthought in the Eastern Conference, the Toronto Maple Leafshave used a recent hot streak to get back in the playoff picture.

The Pittsburgh Penguins, meanwhile, can hardly like the way they're playing as the stretch run begins.

The Maple Leafs look to continue their surge with a fifth win in six games Saturday night against the struggling Penguins, who play their next two games in Toronto -- with three days off in between.

The Leafs (27-27-7) haven't made the playoffs in seven years, a drought that seemed certain to continue when they were 14 points out of the East's No. 8 spot at the end of January.

They're just six behind eighth-place Carolina now thanks to an 8-2-2 record in February, and they've picked up at least a point in each of their last five games. Toronto won for the fourth time in that stretch Thursday, getting two goals and two assists from Phil Kessel while slipping past Montreal 5-4.

"It's an exciting time of year," said rookie goaltender James Reimer, who improved to 10-4-2 with a 2.24 goals-against average. "We've got 19 games left and we're ... creeping closer and closer, so (the playoffs are) definitely doable."

The Leafs could have been just four points out had Pittsburgh (36-21-6) played better in the opener of its five-game road trip Friday in Carolina. The Penguins fell to 2-6-2 in their last 10 games -- a stretch in which they've totaled 17 goals -- with a 4-1 loss to the Hurricanes.

Pittsburgh outshot Carolina 28-12 over the final two periods in the debut of veteran forward Alex Kovalev, reacquired Thursday for a conditional draft pick and installed on a first line with center Jordan Staal and other new acquisitionJames Neal.

"He's definitely a different player," Staal told the Penguins' official website of Kovalev. "He's very talented and sees the ice very well. It's a little different playing with him, but I started feeling better throughout the game."

Kovalev, who spent the past six seasons in the Northeast Division, has just one goal in his last 11 games versus Toronto. ESPN PREVIEW

Make sure you know your music well

Figure Skating Toronto Learn to Figure Skate in Toronto Canada

You've worked hard on mastering a number of figure skating moves; now it's time to set a program to music.
Difficulty: Hard
Time Required: This task could take several hours, days, or weeks.

Figure Skating Toronto Learn to Figure Skate in Toronto Canada

Here's How:

Select a piece of music that is about 1½ to 2 minutes long.

Classical music is always acceptable, and movie themes can be a popular and trendy source for music. Something with a definite, identifiable crescendo or change is a good choice since there are natural places to insert jumps or other dramatic moves.

Select a place in the rink to start, and decide on a starting position.

Almost anything will work; putting your toe to your side, with one arm up, or just standing in a nice "T" with arms down, are good choices.

Decide on a starting move.

You might want to begin the routine with a pivot, bunny hop, or spiral.

Take advantage of the connecting moves.

Use moves such as three turns, mohawks, strokes, and crossovers to connect each element. Try a jump, followed by some footwork, then go into a spiral on a curve, transition into running threes, into another jump, followed by a spin, and finally some more footwork.

Use of space in the rink is artistically important.

Don't skate in the same area over and over, and don't do one spin followed by another spin--it's generally not aesthetically pleasing.

Make sure you know your music well.

Practice your routine enough times to know when in the music to anticipate when certain moves will happen, and memorize your routine, every beat, every step.

Finally, once the choreography is complete, end in a definite pose.


Practice the program to music daily, and build up endurance to do it again and again. As you perfect it, you always have the option to add to it or change things around.
If you do get a chance to perform the program in public, make sure you know it really well, and if you make a mistake, just go on to the next move and keep a smile on your face.
Figure Skating Toronto
Learn to Skate
Learn to Skate Toronto

Your hockey skates are part of your gear and they will protect you in their own way

Inline Hockey Gear Is Protection For Players

Inline Hockey Gear is protection for hockey players that are not only good players, but moderate and newbie players as well.  If roller hockey gear was not important, the players would not wear it.  I mean they would go around making up equipment like they do in those fantasy sports movies.  You don't see any real hockey players out there with a metal bowl for a hockey helmet.  That would be ridiculous.  For inline hockey players, their equipment saves them from injuries.  It is protective.  They are less likely to have something bad happen to them than if they were playing hockey without it.

Inline Hockey Gear Is Protection For Players

Just because hockey players tend to be tough doesn't mean they can go around without anything that will protect them.  They will most likely break bones from being checked into the boards or being hit with a ball or puck.  That is the type of thing that you need to watch out for, especially in the sport of roller hockey. It does not matter if you have the best skates known to man.  If you are unprotected, sooner or later you will get hurt.  If not, then you would probably be the luckiest player on earth.

A vital part of your hockey arsenal are your skate wheels.  The reason you ask?  Well they aren't just any skate wheels.  They are hockey wheels.  Their speed and grip may be able to keep you from getting hurt.  Remember, its not cowardly to skate away from danger.  Your hockey skates are part of your gear and they will protect you in their own way.  So, in the end you will now see that your hockey playing skills aren't the only thing you will need in the sport of roller hockey, but you will also really need your inline hockey gear.

Nhl teams are divided into east and west regions and each region has three subregions

Love NHL, Love Yourself

The full name for NHL is National Hockey League. It was founded by an ice Hockey team as a Professional sports league in Montreal, Quebec in 1917. NHL is the highest in the world of professional hockey game which is one of the four major North American professional sports. NHL teams are divided into east and west regions and each region has three subregions. At the beginning of establishment of NHL, there were only five teams, but now there are thirty teams after a series of expansion. Twenty-four teams are in American and the other six are in Canada.

Love NHL, Love Yourself

In the 1920s, the dark cloud of the First World War enveloped in North America, but the ice hockey movement was booming. In 1924, NHL expanded to six teams, joining the first U.S. team-Boston Bear Team and Montreal developed the second team–Parites Team. Soon, as NHL sprung up in Chicago, Detroit, Pittsburgh and New York, more and more American teams joined. As it were, The 1920s witnessed NHL's real mature as a professional hockey league. Until the end of nineteenth century, NHL has been popular in United States and has come to Europe across the Atlantic Ocean. Therefore, millions of billions of fans being infatuated with NHL was no wonder and purchasing a great many cheap NHL jerseys became their things that must be done!

NHL game is held in hockey field. Generally speaking, each team with six players appears in the field at the same time and they all wear skates. A team has five players and a goalkeeper. The goal of the game is to make the so called Puck-Sclerosis rubber disc go into enemy goal on both sides of the court to score. Players control the ice hockey with a piece of strip type object at the end of bending oars. And the goalkeeper tries his best to avoid the ice hockey entering into the goal. Every hockey formal" keeps sixty minutes. One game is divided into three sections and every section has twenty minutes and fifteen minutes' rest. When the game finishes after sixty minutes, the team getting the maximum number of goals wins.

Montreal Canadians are the most successful team in history which won the Stanley cup twenty-four times. They are the only one who gets the title number more than the New York Yankees of the United States In the four major North American professional sports. The second successful team is Toronto maple leaf team which won the Stanley cup thirteen times. Hence a large number of fans were keen on Montreal Canadians, New York Yankees and Toronto maple leaf team. Collecting their beloved custom nfl jerseys became very popular for fans at that time because it was on behalf of their loyalty and deep love to their idols.

Hockey protective equipment is designed to keep you safe when you play the game

Why You Need Hockey Protective Equipment

Hockey protective equipment is designed to keep you safe when you play the game. What you need to be aware of is that these items need to be of a higher quality to ensure that you remain safe. This means ensuring that they can handle high speed pucks and falling on the ice. This includes everything from the hockey mask to the hockey gloves you can find.

Why You Need Hockey Protective Equipment

One of the first pieces of hockey protective equipment you want to consider is the chest piece. This is designed to absorb the impact of a puck and to help you to avoid serious injury that could occur. This varies from broken ribs to other concerns if you choose to play without this important piece.

The next important piece of hockey protective equipment is the mask that you can wear. This covers your face and it will absorb the impact of the puck if it hits this area. This will protect your eyes and your teeth as well. This piece of equipment is going to prove to be one of the most important pieces you will need to have on hand.

Hockey gloves are going to be important as well. Since there is a good chance you will end up catching the puck, these gloves are designed to allow you to catch it as it speeds towards you. It will also provide you the chance to let go of the puck and to pick it up as needed without any trouble at all.

What you need to pay attention to when you pick up hockey protective equipment, you need to ensure that it is designed to last as well. This means that you focus on quality hockey gloves, masks and chest plates that will be able to handle quite a bit of impact as well.

As you look through these options, make sure that they have high quality nylon and plastic in the pieces as well. This shields you from the impact and it will also help you to remain flexible as well. This will be important as you begin to go through the game as you need to remain limber to block the puck as it is flying at high speeds.

The first approach you will want to take is by looking at the reviews that are associated with the protective equipment. What you are going to find is that these real world experiences are going to prove to be important when you are determining which ones are going to be the best choice for you. Since this protective gear is essential to keep you safe and protect you from harm, it is going to remain one of the most important pieces  of equipment that you have on hand when you are looking to play hockey. While the initial cost seems high, you are going to find is that these pieces of hockey protective equipment will help you to avoid a costly medical emergency.