It's also an excellent way to connect with countless sources that are available

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Ice Hockey Leagues - Hockey News from Across North America

Ice Hockey Leagues - Hockey News from Across North America

How does an aggregator work and deliver the news? It's pretty simple. All of the news at Ice Hockey Leagues is brought to you by RSS feeds of various news sources. As hockey news breaks the information is sent directly to the aggregator which is updated in real-time. Ice Hockey Leagues allows you to bookmark, share and subscribe so you can receive the latest news up to the minute without delay. Also, if you have a hockey website or blog you can also send in your link to be added to the aggregator. This is an excellent way to promote your stories, insights or opinions and receive additional traffic to your website or blog. It's also an excellent way to connect with countless sources that are available. 

Another great feature is the extensive lists of leagues throughout North America. Whether you're new or a seasoned hockey fan you can access hockey leagues of all levels- NHL, AHL, ECHL, CHL, Major Junior A, Junior B, Junior C, College, American Junior, Tier 1,2,3 and much, much, more. The hockey landscape is endless at Ice Hockey Leagues. You will experience very quickly how much information you can gather in once place. 

Ice Hockey Leagues is a simple one page layout so you will not get lost in searching through information or clicking through endless links to get to the story that you want. The hockey headlines are clear and definable and if you want to read more than headlines one click will take you directly to the hockey news source that you choose. The beauty of a hockey aggregator is you have easy to read and easy to use options at your fingertips. 

Hockey fans everywhere should check out Ice Hockey Leagues and use it as their resource for all things hockey.

Next try to push one or both feet out by putting pressure on the flat part of the blade

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Private Figure Skating Lessons in North York Etobicoke Scarborough Toronto Canada

Private Figure Skating Lessons in North York Etobicoke Scarborough Toronto Canada

Stopping on the ice is done by scraping the flat part of the blade across the ice. Pressure is put on the scraping foot, and the friction created on the ice causes a stop.

This article lists the basic stops done by figure skaters.

Snowplow Stop

Photo by Brian Bahr - Getty Images
The first stop most beginning figure skaters learn is the snowplow stop. This stop can be done with both feet or with one foot. Most new skaters favor one foot or the other for stopping.

To do a snowplow stop, first practice pushing the flat of the blade out to scrape the ice while holding onto the ice rink's rail. Then, move away from the rail and glide slowly on two feet. Next, try to push one or both feet out by putting pressure on the flat part of the blade. The friction created should create some snow on the ice. Bend the knees and come to a complete stop.


Photo by JO ANN Schneider Farris
The basic snowplow stop is not very elegant, so figure skaters usually work hard to do more difficult and more attractive looking stops. One stop that looks easy, but can be difficult to do correctly is a T-Stop.

In a T-Stop, a skater's feet make the shape of a "T" on the ice. The skater places the middle of one blade behind the other blade. The foot that is behind does the actual stopping. It scrapes the ice with a back outside edge while the forward skate glides forward. The stop is complete when the skater makes a complete stop in the "T" position. New figure skaters may find it difficult to do a good T-Stop, since they tend to drag the trailing foot behind on an inside edge.

Hockey Stops Are Also For Figure Skaters

Photo by J&L Images - Getty Images When figure skaters do a hockey stop, it resembles the stop hockey players do except that it is usually done with attention to posture, arm positions, and carriage. Often, figure skaters do this stop on one foot, and this can involve much control and balance. When a two-foot hockey stop is done correctly, the front blade is pressed to an inside edge, and the back foot fits right behind the front foot on an outside edge. Both knees bend. Pressure is towards the front part of the blades.

Front T-Stops
Often, figure skating competitors finish their entry onto the ice with a front T-Stop. That stop looks like a basic T-Stop, but rather than behind, the stopping foot is placed in front of the moving skate to form the "T" on the ice. A front T-Stop is not easy to do.

Stops In Ice Skating Shows and In Synchronized Skating

Photo by Hrvoje Polan - Getty Images
Many figure skaters can only stop by using one foot or can only stop in one direction, but synchronized figure skaters must be able to do all types of stops on either foot. Some of these skaters spend hours and hours practicing all sorts of stops, since team try-outs often require stops of all kinds. Also, professional ice shows require good stopping skills for both line and principle skaters.Toronto Skating LessonsSkating Lessons in TorontoLearn to Skate in Toronto

Adult freestyle test levels are as follows pre bronzebronzesilvergold

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Figure Skating Program Toronto Private Ice Skating Lessons Toronto Canada

Figure Skating Program Toronto Private Ice Skating Lessons Toronto Canada

Recreational Skating 
Recreational skating is skating that is done for fun and exercise. It may consist of skating a public session on Saturday afternoon or may be more involved to include lessons, tests, and competition. Recreational skating covers a wide range of skaters of various skill levels and ages. Participants may range from young children taking their first steps on ice to retired competitors who continue to skate for personal enjoyment. Recreational skating is most clearly defined as skating in which contention for major competitions and titles is not an objective. The Ice Skating Institute (ISI) is the governing body of purely recreational skating in the United States. It has its own test and competitive programs designed for recreational skaters.

Test Skating 
Test skaters train to pass skating proficiency tests. These skaters may also compete at their test levels, though some choose only to test. Commonly, a skater may decide to stop competing but will continue to test in order to complete the test track for personal satisfaction or to earn credentials for coaching.

Recreational Testing
The United States Figure Skating Association (USFSA or USFS) offers a Basic Skills program that includes beginning skating skills aimed at tots, young beginners, adults, and low freestyle skaters. Although any level of testing can be considered recreational, these tests are aimed at introducing beginning participants to the sport. Additionally, ISI offers ten levels of testing for singles skaters as well as tests for tots, special skaters, couples, pairs, and dance.

Standard Track Testing
Standard track testing, also known as eligible track, is the system that prepares skaters for Olympic eligible competition. In the United States, the USFSA is the governing body for eligible track testing and competition. Standard track testing is available for the following skating disciplines: singles freestyle, moves in the field, pairs, and dance. Compulsory school figures tests are still offered, though they are not required for competition. Singles skaters must qualify to take freestyle tests by passing the corresponding moves in the field test for any given level.

Test levels beyond Basic Skills for individual skaters are as follows:

  • Pre-Preliminary
  • Preliminary
  • Pre-Juvenile
  • Juvenile
  • Intermediate
  • Novice
  • Junior
  • Senior.

If you watch televised skating competitions, you are probably familiar with the national and world championships. These skaters have completed their senior tests. You may have also seen junior level competitions on television. These skaters have completed junior tests. Since every country has its own skating association or governing body and protocol for preparing skaters for competition, this test structure only applies to American skaters.

Adult Track Testing
The USFSA has established an adult testing track as well as adult competitions. Similar to standard testing, adult singles skaters must pass corresponding moves in the field tests in order to qualify for the freestyle test of a given level. Test content and judging criteria are geared toward adult participants.

Adult freestyle test levels are as follows:

  • Pre-Bronze
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold.

After completing the gold test, adults may continue on with standard track testing at the intermediate level. Skaters who test beyond adult gold compete in Masters level events.

Figure Skating Program Toronto Ice Skating Lessons Toronto Private Skating Lessons Toronto

In the stanley cup finals the team with the best record will have home ice advantage

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Nhl Stanley Cup - Junes Finalist Battle

Nhl Stanley Cup - Junes Finalist Battle

Home-ice advantage in the first round of the playoffs goes to the three division winners in each conference, seeded 1 through 3 based on best record and the No. 4 seed, the team with the next best record. No. 1 plays No. 8, 2 plays 7, 3 plays 6, and 4 plays 5. In the second round, the highest advancing seeded faces the lowest remaining seed, with the two middle seeds squaring off.

In all rounds leading up to the Stanley Cup finals, between the winner of the Eastern Conference and the winner of the Western Conference, the higher seed in a series always has home-ice advantage, which means that team hosts Game 1 and 2, and if necessary 5 and 7. The lower seeded teams host Game 3 and 4, and if necessary 6. Every series is best out of seven games; in other words, the first team to four wins takes the series. If a team wins the first four games of a series, of course, the last three are not played.

In the Stanley Cup finals, the team with the best record will have home-ice advantage. For example, even if the No. 1 seed advances out of the Western Conference and the No. 2 seed emerges from the Eastern Conference, the No. 2 seed from the East will have home-ice advantage if it had a better record than the West's No. 1 in the regular season.
At the moment, there are two clear-cut favorites to reach the 2009 Stanley Cup finals, which will conclude in June. No team has been more dominant than the San Jose Sharks, who boast a 23-3-2 record (23 wins, three losses, two losses in overtime or shootout. Teams receive two points for a win, one for an overtime loss, and none for an outright loss).

The Sharks have a 13-point lead in the Pacific Division and a six-point lead over the second best team in the West, the Detroit Red Wings. In the Eastern Conference, the Boston Bruins lead the way with an impressive 20-5-4 record. The Bruins own a seven-point advantage in the Northeast Division and a four-point lead on the East's second best team, the New York Rangers.

The Red Wings are the NHL's defending champions, as Detroit defeated the Pittsburgh Penguins four games to two in last season's final series. Looking to make a repeat appearance in the Stanley Cup finals, Pittsburgh has a solid 16-9-4 record and would easily qualify for the playoffs if the regular season ended today.

Different Types of NHL Merchandise

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Different Types of NHL Merchandise

Different Types of NHL Merchandise

Ice hockey merchandise today supplies to a larger audience as well, such as kids and women. You can notice matters like wholesale NHL jumpers in kids sizes and even now are not very opposite T-shirts that were contrived especially for ladies.

Caps and hats have turned exceedingly common in recent years, so far it concerns, not only can masses use to wear some games, but it also has turned the fashion to wear them for everyday utilization. Umpteen people like to tailor-make wholesale NHL shirts, t-shirts and contributing their arna. You can find caps for every squad, no problem who you patronage so you can make your more unique ware.

Keyrings and igniters can cause nice gifts if you are looking for little presents or relics for friends and families. Teddy keeps wearing wholesale NHL jumpers are as well fashionable with children and are not very expensive.
When the first ice hockey had started only six squads in the wholesale NHL organized so there were no more articles accessible. Yet, athletics has a long way, then as more masses are now following the athletics and has many more squads to compete for beating sakes to each other. Maybe this is why it has become very popular as it is challenging and people can support the squad which emerges from where they have urge.

There are various fellowships that make articles for ice hockey fans, but while some shares recognized targets others do not. While it does non weigh so much for affairs such as keyrings and hours, fans would be much more nervous to get fake wholesale NHL jerseys. If you require merely standard merchandise is advisable to check the company you are purchasing from before splitting with your money.

This is normally rather obvious if the clauses are authentic or not and some prestigious society would be much more than happy to answer any questions. If you are purchasing from an individual then you can require them to testify items are reliable stuff. For instance, certifications of legitimacy or receipts to show where they bought goods are commonly adequate manifest

Set up a 100m dash and place a net at some distance from the end of the 100 meters

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Hockey Drills - Off Ice Fitness Drills For Improving Skating Speed and Power

Hockey Drills - Off Ice Fitness Drills For Improving Skating Speed and Power

Sprint and Shoot

This one is a lot of fun and players tend to like it. If you're training alone, use a timer and play against yourself. The real fun though is when you do this drill one on one. Set up a 100m dash and place a net at some distance from the end of the 100 meters. Set up a bunch of pucks on a shooting sheet and have the players sprint the 100m and then fire at 4 targets in the net. After hitting all four, sprint back. First one back wins.

Interval Running

This is a great drill to do for building speed. Simply run in alternating sets of high and low intensity. A good ratio is 45 seconds high intensity and about a minute and a half to two minutes of low intensity. This is also good for conditioning as the intervals of high and low intensity approximate the length of a shift.

In-line Drills

One good way of conditioning in the off season and away from the rink is to run drills on inline skates. Inline skates are different than ice skates, and the adjustment from one to the other will take a few skates to get used to, but a summer spent training on in-lines will very closely approximate on-ice drills, without the need for expensive ice time.

Remember, skills development is important, but the off-season is an exceptional time to work on your fitness and conditioning, and that should be the goal of most off-ice training. For a complete set of drills and exercises for off-ice conditioning, click here to check out the Hockey Speed and Power manual. It was written by an ex-NHL player and career pro, and it provides a professional, complete, hockey specific fitness plan. You can read a review at

Click here

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Watch Avalanche Game Live - Watch Colorado Avalanche Games Live Online

Watch Avalanche Game Live - Watch Colorado Avalanche Games Live Online

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Do you live in Colorado or anywhere else in the world? No matter where you live, you can get access to live Avalanche hockey on your computer. Colorado is an awesome hockey team and NHL games are always exciting.

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The best part about watching Avalanche hockey online is that you get access to hockey games on your computer for the rest of the year. If you sign up today, you will get access to hundreds of hockey games every month, including Avalanche regular season and playoff games. Don't miss your chance to watch your favorite Avalanche players all season long. If you are a true Avalanche fan, you need to start watching Colorado hockey games online tonight. The NHL season is underway and the race is on to see which team will lift the Stanley Cup. Sign up now and never miss a Colorado Avalanche game again!

The Colorado Avalanche are a professional ice hockey team based in Denver, Colorado, United States. They are members of the Northwest Division of the Western Conference of the National Hockey League (NHL). The Avalanche have won the Stanley Cup twice, in 1996 and 2001. The franchise was founded in Quebec and were the Quebec Nordiques until moving to Colorado in 1995.