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Variety Of Different Sports Nutrition Program

Many studies have successfully proved that our eating habit affects our general health and immunity. Sports nutritionist Toronto believes that these food habits make a path between our health and chronic diseases. People normally ignore their nutrition by eating unnecessary stuff however players cannot afford to do so because this type of food habit affects their health in the long run and is the reason for low stamina and immunity. Thus it becomes very essential for a sportsperson to maintain the diet to get perfect nutrition. It is always not possible for a person to hold records of what amount of diet they consumed every day, hence there is the requirement of nutritionist who plays into the role to guide them.

Sports Nutrition can be defined as the study of nutrition is dated back over 200 years. However, the discipline of sports nutrition is relatively new and this interdisciplinary field comprises of a rather complex scientific formulations that focus on dieting principles that enhance athletic performance.

Nowadays, there is immense requirement of sports nutrition training to enable endurance and increase the resistance of the players. It is also necessary to take expert advice to avoid the chronic diseases and to stay healthy. It is well known that sports nutrition Toronto can create winners in the field. It is no more a secret that shared by athletes, that once you understand the concept of sports nutrition and apply its principles in training, you will experience the difference between winning and losing. It is simply the difference between how many athletes truly understand this concept between nutrition and performance and are willing to endure another disciplined program in the face of their upcoming events.

There are minority of athletes that do not regard nutrition as a necessary component to striking goal in the arena, and offer dismal performances have resulted. Moreover, with a right fitness coach and his contribution in this thought-process and awareness in emphasizing the significance of a nutrient-dense diet that balances with training makes the sporting groups a winner. Hockey is a game that requires high levels of stamina and endurance. Hockey players need to undertake hockey nutrition plan because it is directly linked to enhanced performance with a balanced diet, and the results are exciting for serious minded competitors.

According to studies it is reveal that any athlete who is willing to follow the guidelines of sports nutrition program in the proportions required by undertaking a diet that caters to the person's training and physiology it is to be expected to have a go ahead over the person who does not.

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Indian hockey over the years

Hockey has been in India for over a century now. Introduced by British in 1880s, the sport soon became very popular among the Indians. The played was widely played both at professional and local levels. It emerged as one of the favourite pastimes of the people. In pre-independence India, it was the most popular of all games in the country. This led to Hockey being declared as the national sport of the country. People of India took the game seriously and encouraged their children to take up the sports on a professional level.

At one point, Indian hockey team was the best hockey team in the World. It was successful at many international tournaments and from 1928 to 1956, won gold in the hockey event of every Olympics. That was indeed the golden period for Indian Hockey. It also performed very well at other international events during this period. Its commendable performance continued and it maintained its position as the best hockey team for several years. It won a total of eight golds at Olympics.

Apart from this, it even won one silver medal and two bronze medals in the international event. Until 2008, Indian hockey team qualified for every Olympics. The team failed to qualify for the 2008 Olympics and it was the first time in 80 years that India was not present in the Olympics hockey event. Apart from Olympics, India has performed well at other international events such as Asian Games, Sultan Azlan Shah Cup, Asia Cup and the Hockey world Cup. The team won gold twice at the Asian Games in 1966 and 1998. It also won Asia Cup twice, in 2003 and 2007. The team has performed very well at the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup, winning five golds in total. The team won the Hockey World Cup in 1975.

Many notable hockey players have emerged from India that have left their mark on the national and international hockey scene. Dhyan Chand is the most popular Indian hockey player. He was known for his exceptional style and goal scoring skills. He has scored more than 400 goals in his career. He had a significant contribution in making India one of the greatest hockey teams of his times. Out of the eight, India won three golds in Olympics with Dhyan Chand. Aprt from him, Dhanraj pillai is another notable Indian hockey player. These players have made great contributions to the game of hockey.

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Watch Blackhawks Stream Live - Watch Chicago Blackhawks Games Online

Are you a Chicago Blackhawks fan? This article will talk about the current Chicago Blackhawks team and help you learn how you can Watch Blackhawks Stream Live - Watch Chicago Blackhawks Games Online. The Chicago Blackhawks are an exciting hockey team and feature stars such as: Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, Marian Hossa and Duncan Keith. If you live in Chicago or anywhere else, you can watch Blackhawks games live on your computer. Never miss a Blackhawks game ever again!

The NHL features some of the best hockey in the world and the Blackhawks are an awesome team. The team is led by captain Jonathan Toews, who is already one of the best players in the league at under 25 years of age. American winger Patrick Kane is a very good scorer and Slovak Marian Hossa is a talented veteran forward. The defense is lead by a top pairing of Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook. The Chicago Blackhawks have a great shot at making a playoff run this season – make sure you never miss a Blackhawks regular season or playoff game ever again. Use the link above to start watching Blackhawks games live streaming online for the rest of the year!

Chicago has a long history of great hockey. They are members of the Central Division of the Western Conference of the National Hockey League (NHL). They have won four Stanley Cup Championships and fourteen division titles since their founding in 1926. Since 1994, the Blackhawks have played their home games at the United Center after having spent 65 years playing at Chicago Stadium. Currently, they are the defending Stanley Cup champions, having defeated the Philadelphia Flyers at the conclusion of their 2009–10 season.

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The Checkerboard Coaching Technique sm The Coach Whisperer

The premise to this article is by giving a head coach or even a professional player, a statistical reference to view and understand their play, they can win right now.  It is my opinion that any team in professional sports has the capacity to win with their existing team and players.

They can do this by optimizing the best abilities of each player, in a proven statistical format.  that is what the Checkerboard Coaching Technique does.  Often times a real life example is the best teacher.  With that in mind let me use this real life true story. 

The regular hockey season ended and it was playoff time.  In visiting with the head coach I asked how he felt his chances were to win the whole thing.  He was frank and starring at his list of players on the clipboard.  "Not good.  We are great defensively, but we can't score. All the other teams we will face have scored more goals than we have."

I simply asked if I could help with that. To the coaches credit he said I am all ears.  That willingness to listen at a critical moment, is one key.  Keep in mind this coach and his staff have worked an entire season of games and practices to reach this point.  I had observed the games but did not have one ounce of input into game strategy of any kind. It would be a natural response to say thanks for your thoughts but we will have to figure this one our, or any number of other responses.  Instead this coach, on that day said he would listen.  

In the span of less than five minutes I summarized my credentials, to assure him some thought would be going into what he was about to hear.  Then I explained the statistical and historical president for what I was about to recommend.  I said in the history of this game of great players, the number one point scoring play in both goals and assists, from the number one goal and point leader in the history of the game was one play.  Have you heard of the play I asked.  He then said refresh me, and I gave him the name of the play and why that play, employed by his team may be his answer.

That team and that coaching staff won the title, and championship, in double overtime, scoring on that play.  The coach waved me out on the ice for the celebration, and as I approached he slapped me on the chest, open hand and said, "thanks for the tip.  We practiced that play for 45 minutes each practice since you told me that."  

Just a whisper in a coaches ear really, at a critical time, lead to a championship win that everyone on that team will carry with them the rest of their lives.  This experience has lead the title of this article, the coach whisperer, and what this technique offers.

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Reebok Hockey– Brand Backing your Sport

Reebok hockey is where the sport is being sponsored by the sports wear giants Reebok. The company that needs no introduction has today been officially labeled the brand to support all needs and requirements of hockey leagues. Reebok hockey will have all the teams playing in the league sporting Reebok brand of apparels, shoes, socks and other accessories. Reebok officially launched the new line of sportswear under the label Reebok hockey and several teams have already joined in using their top of the line products. Primarily created for the ice hockey, their line of products have the best sticks, skates and protective gear as well. The latest in technology has been incorporated with the features required to play the sport without any slips or trips. This way the players are assured of good quality reliable products that will be with them through the season. The hockey company and some of the leading players such as Tony Amonte of Philadelphia, Pavel Datsyuk of Red Wings from Detroit and St. Louis Blues's key player Chris Ponger have launched this new sports line.

Reebok is a company that has been around for more than 100 years making unique equipment and gear for various sports such as Basketball, baseball, and even athletics, and tennis. And today since they have entered the arena of hockey, this also gets included in their list of sportswear created. For a person who is into working out or sports, they will know the beauty and value of owning a pair of Reebok shoes or T shirt. They are very stylish, comfortable and serve the purpose to the last minute. Today, since they have made an entry into ice hockey, their range of clothes, and other equipment are available in leading stores and on couple of websites as well. There are some sites and stores, which offer a good discount if one is buying the entire set required to play hockey. Since their products are world renowned customers don't need any extra back up or guarantee on the quality or life of the gear. There are various other brands who are in this market, but Reebok stands out because of their options, and availability of different styles and sizes in all sports fields.

Reebok hockey adds pride to the players by giving them an extra confidence because of the gear they are sporting. These also create a positive impression in the mind's of the team and those in the stands, who take notice of the players unlike earlier. The focus is on helping the players move faster than before and agile on the ice maneuvering their way through the blocks. The Reebok hockey equipment is light weight and easy to maintain, and so there are other players who are slowly switching brands and moving to Reebok. They have also introduced a helmet made using fine material which can rotate complete 360 degrees, a first of its kind, not only this but it is also said to be the lightest helmet.

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MONTREAL CANADIENS: The REAL Stanley Cup Champions of 2010 - and Why! Since Lord Stanley gave his Cup for the best Canadian Team - the Real Champions

In 1892, the then Governor General of Canada, Lord Frederick Arthur Stanley, dedicated a Silver Bowl to the people of the Dominion of Canada for, "the champion hockey team in the Dominion."

The Stanley Cup became the ultimate prize for Canadian hockey teams, awarded first in 1893 to the Montreal Amateur Athletic Association (AAA). The cup has been won every year since (except 2005 - the Black Year of the Lockout - when the NHL refused to release the Cup to another League).

In 1919, the Stanley Cup Champions, Montreal Canadiens, traveled to Seattle to play a post-Championship exhibition series with the Seattle Metropolitans. The series was cancelled because of the Great Influenza Epidemic. The Americans still like to refer to 1919 as "no decision."

In 1926, the National Hockey League "adopted" Lord Stanley's Cup as their own and have possessed it up to this writing.

Not every Canadian agrees with this "adoption" or the teams that have been proclaimed champions.


In an article in The Lawyers Weekly entitled "Does the Stanley Cup belong to the NHL or the Canadian people?" Tim Gilbert wrote, "If the Stanley Cup is not a charitable purpose trust, then the trust fails and the property reverts to the grantor, and outside the control of the NHL. As Lord Stanley was Governor General when he gave the cup, the cup may revert back to the Office of the Governor General. In this way the cup may truly belong to the people of Canada." Go to to read the full article...

What it comes down to is this: Lord Stanley, the16th Earl of Derby, Governor General of the Dominion of Canada, at his own expense, gave to us his "challenge cup which should be held from year to year by the champion hockey team in the Dominion."

Which means that Lord Stanley's Silver Bowl belongs to the last Canadian Team standing at the end of the Regular or Post Season!

There is no way around that.

Therefore, the Stanley Cup Champions for 2010 are the Montreal Canadiens!


And it follows that the "official" record books are wrong. Since only teams from the Dominion of Canada can be awarded Lord Frederick's Cup, the Real Champions aren't always recognized.


Who then, are the REAL Lord Stanley's Champions? Which, from the original Montreal AAA in 1893 to 2010's Montreal Canadiens, was the LAST CANADIAN TEAM STANDING each year?


1893 - Montreal AAA

1894 - Montreal AAA

1895 - Montreal Victorias

1896 - Winnipeg Victorias

1897 - Montreal Victorias

1998 - Montreal Victorias

1899 - Montreal Shamrocks

1900 - Montreal Shamrocks

1901 - Winnipeg Victorias

1902 - Winnipeg Victorias

1903 - Montreal AAA

1904 - Ottawa Senators

1905 - Ottawa Senators

1906 - Ottawa Senators

1907 - Kenora Thistles

1908 - Montreal Wanderers

1909 - Ottawa Senators

1910 - Montreal Wanderers

1911 - Ottawa Senators

1912 - Quebec Bulldogs

1913 - Quebec Bulldogs

1914 - Toronto Blueshirts

1915 - Vancouver Millionaires

1916 - Montreal Canadiens

1917 - Montreal Canadiens

1918 - Toronto Arenas

1919 - Montreal Canadiens

1920 - Ottawa Senators

1921 - Ottawa Senators

1922 - Toronto St. Pats

1923 - Ottawa Senators

1924 - Montreal Canadiens

1925 - Victoria Cougars

1926 - Montreal Maroons

1927 - Ottawa Senators

1928 - Montreal Maroons

1929 - Montreal Canadiens

1930 - Montreal Canadiens

1931 - Montreal Canadiens

1932 - Toronto Maple Leafs

1933 - Toronto Maple Leafs

1934 - Montreal Maroons

1935 - Montreal Maroons

1936 - Toronto Maple Leafs

1037 - Montreal Canadiens

1938 - Toronto Maple Leafs

1939 - Toronto Maple Leafs

1940 - Toronto Maple Leafs

1941 - Toronto Maple Leafs

1942 - Toronto Maple Leafs

1943 - Toronto Maple Leafs

1944 - Montreal Canadiens

1945 - Toronto Maple Leafs

1946 - Montreal Canadiens

1947 - Toronto Maple Leafs

1948 - Toronto Maple Leafs

1949 - Toronto Maple Leafs

1950 - Toronto Maple Leafs

1951 - Toronto Maple Leafs

1952 - Montreal Canadiens

1953 - Montreal Canadiens

1954 - Montreal Canadiens

1955 - Montreal Canadiens

1956 - Montreal Canadiens

1957 - Montreal Canadiens

1958 - Montreal Canadiens

1959 - Montreal Canadiens

1960 - Montreal Canadiens

1961 - Montreal Canadiens

1962 - Toronto Maple Leafs

1963 - Toronto Maple Leafs

1964 - Toronto Maple Leafs

1965 - Montreal Canadiens

1966 - Montreal Canadiens

1967 - Toronto Maple Leafs

1968 - Montreal Canadiens

1969 - Montreal Canadiens

1970 - Montreal Canadiens

1971 - Montreal Canadiens

1972 - Montreal Canadiens

1973 - Montreal Canadiens

1974 - Montreal Canadiens

1975 - Montreal Canadiens

1976 - Montreal Canadiens

1977 - Montreal Canadiens

1978 - Montreal Canadiens

1979 - Montreal Canadiens

1980 - Montreal Canadiens

1981 - Calgary Flames

1982 - Vancouver Canucks

1983 - Edmonton Oilers

1984 - Edmonton Oilers

1985 - Edmonton Oilers

1986 - Montreal Canadiens

1987 - Edmonton Oilers

1988 - Edmonton Oilers

1989 - Calgary Flames

1990 - Edmonton Oilers

1991 - Edmonton Oilers

1992 - Edmonton Oilers

1993 - Montreal Canadiens

1994 - Vancouver Canucks

1995 - Vancouver Canucks

1996 - Montreal Canadiens

1997 - Edmonton Oilers

1998 - Ottawa Senators

1999 - Toronto Maple Leafs

2000 - Toronto Maple Leafs

2001 - Toronto Maple Leafs

2003 - Ottawa Senators

2004 - Calgary Flames

2005 - (Lockout)

2006 - Edmonton Oilers

2007 - Ottawa Senators

2008 - Montreal Canadiens

2009 - Vancouver Canucks

2010 - Montreal Canadiens


A Graduate of the Holland College Culinary Course, Brian Alan Burhoe has cooked in Atlantic Coast restaurants for over 30 years. He is a member of the Canadian Culinary Federation. Brian's articles reflect his interests in food service, dreamstudy, imaginative literature, Canadian history and our best friends -- our dogs.

His Home Page is A CULINARY MYSTERY TOUR - A Literary Chef. His articles have been reprinted on numerous culinary websites and various Blogs, including the popular Romantic Relationship site and NORTH-WEST MOUNTED POLICE - Canadian Mounties in Literature, Hollywood And History

Concluding Rant:

Since Lord Stanley gave his Cup for "the champion hockey team in the Dominion," it's not the right of anyone but a True Canadian team to be awarded it.

Perhaps the Right Honourable Stephen Harper can step in. Prime Minister Harper has proven himself to be a man of vision, honour and a true patriot - as well as an expert on Hockey History. Shouldn't the Stanley Cup be put back in the care of the Governor General's office?

Since when was Expansion and Selling Out The Game In The States a "Good thing for Hockey in Canada?"


- Brian Alan Burhoe

Author Robert C. Medina posted on 07:25

Hockey Strength Training Is Significant Phase for Players

Hockey players need to focus on hockey strength training as it is significant for development of speed, power, and quickness. It is an equally important phase in their life if they are looking for a strength training that is highly effective in developing their athleticism. Total fitness is recommended for these players because more speed and power can put them out and ultimately dominate the competition.

However not all hockey training exercises are equal and alike. You need to specifically target exercises that assure you of translating into improvements when you hit the field. It is believed that training for strength and endurance can benefit in the long run and prepare the players for the best. Nevertheless it is mandatory that players taking any type of training concentrate on their core body parts that include lower body as it hold place of priority in the game of hockey. Players having built a stronger lower body and core are able to perform more aggressively and exercise more control over their movements.

Hockey skills training have the power to destroy the competition and by implementing perfect exercises in your daily schedule you can benefit greatly. Playing hockey with faster pace and with full intensity can train you to achieve your goals. It is necessary that you plan your weekly schedule in a way which includes fitness routine while you are playing regularly as well as when you are not playing in off season. Usually the player's fitness dedication depends on their sincerity and stamina which they can build with rigorous training. Timely counsel of the fitness expert can come as a big help for players choosing to work out twice a day or two to three schedules per weekly routine.

For a perfect hockey workout program it is essential that players choose a coach having experience and knowledge in training players of all age groups and genders. There are many organizations in and around Ontario offering varied types of hockey trainings. Thomas Kiriakou Nutrition and Wellness Programs is the best organization offering programs that can be undertaken in form of online training and nutrition plans. He offers programs that are holistic and based on sports nutrition approach.

These programs that take account of ice hockey training are designed to help the players reach their ideal weight loss, lean muscle mass building and wellness goals. TK offer guidelines for goalies interested in long term sustainable change and can avail of one of the various packages they offer which are completed in-person, via phone or Skype.


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